Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Regents Will Leave the Sierra League as Six-Year Champions!

Glendora, CA-   The Halloween gymnasium was full of lions and huskies and seniors as the Regents faced South Hills in their final regular season home game.  The team wore pink jerseys in honor of the senior class, who's class color is pink, and started the evening with tributes to the six outstanding seniors on the squad.  After the pomp and circumstance was completed, the girls went to work on the court and delivered a straight sets win over South Hills to clinch at least a share of the Sierra League title.

The six seniors, Sydney Bast, Sarah Bruchet, Natalie Caro, Roni LaPierre, Alina Mota, and Kelsey Remige, combined with junior Juliet McClure to make up the starting line up.  Appropriately, everything was going the Regents way from the start as they jumped out to an early lead.  LaPierre was perfect in her first five swings and Caro managed to accidentally block a ball.  The Regents were up 10 - 2 when South Hills called time out.  The Senior onslaught continued as Kelsey Remige put down her first set for a kill to extend the lead to 14 - 5.  Freshman Miller came in and served up an ace to make it 18 - 11. But the Huskies continued to fight and stay in the match, getting to within five points.  Bast put down a forceful cross court kill to quiet the Huskies at 22-17, and Caro followed with an ace, 23-17.  Not to be outdone by their upper classmen, Loryn Carter crushed a shot down the line to get to set point and McClure finished it with a dump on two.  The Regents took set one 25-19.

McClure made a nice service run to get the second set started and the Regents were up 5-0 before the Huskies were able to side out.  South Hills was hurting itself with numerous hitting errors, but the libero was playing a heck of a game.  The Husky number 9 was digging and saving ball after ball, extending the rallies and giving the Huskies a chance.  But the Regents were effective at finishing the points.  Bruchet, Bast and McClure served up aces to bolster the healthy Regent lead.  Francesca D'Aquila's cross court kill put the Regents up by 10, 22 - 12.  Set two ended in St. Lucy's favor, 25 -15, on a Husky rotation violation.

Caro came alive and owned set three, starting with a nice slide kill.  Natalie was seeing the court well, making the smart decision to toss to the short corner on a second ball to give the Regents a 7 -2 lead.  Carter put down one of her trademark hammer shots to extend the lead 8 - 3.  The Huskies started to make a little run, but McClure shut them down with a dump on a tight pass to keep a distance in the score, 9-5.  Bast stretched things out with an ace, and LaPierre flat out showed off, tipping a shot backwards over her shoulder for the 13-5 advantage.  Miller time came again, as the freshman put down consecutive aces and the Regents were ahead 17 - 7.  Even though it was senior night, the underclassmen got to have their moments too as all three freshmen, Julianna Rohrer, Brennen Miller and Jenna Bailey, got a few minutes in this set.  In the end, senior Natalie Caro brought the set to a close with consecutive back row kills and an ace to finish the match 25 -10.

The stat leaders were Juliet McClure (25 assists, 2 aces), Brennen Miller (2 aces), Loryn Carter (6 kills, 1 block), Natalie Caro (7 kills, 1 block, 3 assists and 2 aces), Roni LaPierre (14 kills, 6 digs, 2 aces), Sarah Bruchet (14 digs, 1 ace) and Sydney Bast (5 kills, 12 digs, 2 aces.)

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