Sunday, November 11, 2012

El Dorado Knocks The Regents Out in Five!

PLACENTIA-  The Regents came up against a much bigger El Dorado team and found themselves on the short end of the stick and bounced out of the post-season playoffs.  Despite a valiant effort, the Lady Regents did not have enough answers as the Hawks claimed victory after a five set struggle, 25-16, 25-27, 25-15, 18-25, 12-15.

St. Lucy's jumped out to an early 8-2 lead in set one and seemed to be in complete control.  El Dorado took a time out and came back firing.  They cut the lead to three, trailing 6-9 at the side out.  The Regents settled into their game and stretched the lead out again, up 12-6.  St. Lucy's continued to execute their game, Rohrer putting the ball down on the overpass for a 21-9 lead.  El Dorado made a late set run, cutting the lead to 6, but Arden Davis answered with an ace to get the Regents set point.  Lucy's took set one 25-16.

Set two may have been where the Regents lost the match.  El Dorado's number 6 was deadly with the slide attack and the Regents didn't have an answer.  Both teams played great hustling defense and made impossible digs.  Again the Regents had the early lead following an ace by Arden Davis and a kill by Roni LaPierre, which sent El Dorado to the bench for a time out, trailing 5 to 10.  Mo Hageman's tip found the floor and Desi Villajin served up an ace to extend the lead to 12-6.  The Hawks, however, came storming back.  They cut the lead to one, 15-16, before Mo Hageman was able to find the deep corner.  El Dorado kept going to their effective slide attack to level the score.  The teams traded points and the lead from that point until the Hawks tipped a kill off the block to take a 23 to 21 lead.  St. Lucy's took a time out, got the ball back on a service error, and tied it up on a kill by Mo Hageman on the overpass.  Roni LaPierre put the next one down on another overpass kill and the Regents had set point and the ball leading 24-23.  The Hawks quick set the middle for a kill and the 24 point tie.  The teams battled to a 25 point tie, before El Dorado was able to link two kills together and edge the Regents out 27-25.

The Regents regrouped and came out and executed their game in set three.  The set was tight with ties at 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10.  El Dorado pulled ahead 12-10 and the Regents took to the sidelines to talk it out.  The time out did the trick as the Hawks made a service error to side out.  Sydney Bast took full advantage of the El Dorado mistake, serving up an ace to tie the score at 12.  The Regents crept out to a 15-12 lead, forcing an El Dorado time out.  Bast's answer?  Ace 'em again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  Sydney served five aces before the Hawks were able to side out at 21-13.  The Regents closed out set three on an ace serve by Eryn Young, 25-15.

Set four was marred by many Regent mistakes.  Missed serves, shank passes, hitting errors, ball handling mistakes all contributed to the loss.  El Dorado got out to an early lead and the Regents played the entire set from behind.  The Regents took their first time out trailing by 5, 9-14.  They were not quite able to right the ship and took their second time out trailing 11-17.  This time, they seemed to pull it together and started to work their way back into the set.  Roni LaPierre crushed one down the line and sent the Hawks to the sidelines to regroup, up 17-14.  The Lady Regents kept it coming and tied the score at 17 and again at 18.  El Dorado pulled slightly ahead, 20-18 and the Regents attempted to call another time out.  Oops.  That'd be three, and point goes to the Hawks.  St. Lucy's seemed unable to overcome their own foibles and gave up the final seven points of the set without siding out.  El Dorado won 25-18.

So it all came down to the fifth set.  The Hawks had the momentum and the home crowd.  They jumped out to a 3-0 start, but the Regents battled back to tie it up at 3.  El Dorado kept taking it to the Regents, and pulled ahead 7-4 at the first Lucy's time out and 9-5 at the second Lucy's time out.  Everything was going the Hawk's way, with the setter even finding a way to get a kill on an behind the back slam.  Still, St. Lucy's did not quit.  Two consecutive kills by Roni LaPierre cut the lead to 9-7, and El Dorado took a minute to ice the server.  It worked.  The Hawks extended their lead to 12-8 before siding out on a service error.  Desi Villajin came in to serve trailing 13-8 and she was unfazed.  The Regents had cut the El Dorado lead to two, 13-11, when El Dorado took their second time out.  The Regents fought hard, but the Hawk hitters were too strong and too fast.  The Hawks took set five 15-12.

The stat leaders for the game were Vanessa Caustrita with 13, kills, Roni LaPierre with 14 or 11 kills (depending on who you ask), Sydney Bast with 18 digs and 5 aces, and Arden Davis with 29 digs and 3 aces.  It was a nice run and the Regents are to be commended on a fantastic season!  Best wishes to everyone for great club seasons.

Volleymama OUT!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Regents Move On To The Quarter Finals

THOUSAND OAKS-  The Regents hit the road for their second round match against the Westlake Warriors and came out victorious in straight sets, 25-16, 25-23, 25-11.  It was a match played at what my daughter would describe as "rainy day speed"; that is where you start slow and take a while to shake off the gloom.  Ultimately, the Lady Regents were able to weather the storm.

The Regents started set one in the hole, falling behind 0-3 in the opening minutes.  Loryn Carter shifted the tide with an authoritative cross court shot, and the Regents took off.  Setter Juliet McClure won the joust against the 6'3" Westlake middle to give St. Lucy's a 10-5 lead behind a nice Eryn Young service run.  The Regents played most of the set out of system and messy enough for the Warriors cut the lead from 6 to 2.  Coach Douglas called a time out after seeing the Warriors earn 5 consecutive points.  That seemed to do the trick.  As usual, St. Lucy's balanced attacking, which included a crushing kill to the back corner by Marissa Hageman and a timely block, and their steady defense, got the Regents back on track.  St. Lucy's cruised to close out set one 25-16.

Set two was a lot like set one- only worse.  Again, the Regents got a "rainy day start", complete with  unforced hitting errors, service errors, net violations, and double hits, and trailed by as many as 4.  The Regents caught up to the Warriors mid-set and were able to level it at 13.  However, they just could not get in sync and break away.  The ties continued at 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21.  Finally, Vanessa Caustrita put the ball down at the 10 foot line on a killer combo, Sydney Bast served up two consecutive aces, and Loryn Carter slammed a deep line shot to get the Regents a set point.  St. Lucy's took set two 25-23 on a double hit call against Westlake.

Set three was more typical of the St. Lucy Regent Volleyball Team.   Despite several service errors, the Regents crept out to an early three to four point lead.  Dianna Rohrer displayed some smart net play, tipping to the short corner and crushing a ball in front of the defense, and Carter, Hageman and Rohrer combined to put up a formidable block.  The Warriors were worn out and the Regents took advantage.  Eryn Young finished the set and the match with two straight aces.  St. Lucy's advances to the quarter finals with the 25-11 straight set victory.

Tonight's stat leaders were Loryn Carter with 11 kills and 1 block, Roni LaPierre with 8 kills, 15 digs and 2 aces, Diana Rohrer and Vanessa Caustrita with 7 kills each, and Marissa Hageman with 6 kills and 3 blocks.  The Regents will face the winner of the El Dorado-Hart contest on Saturday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Regents Take the (K)night!

GLENDORA-  St. Lucy's hosted the Notre Dame Knights in tonight's first round CIF action.  Don't be tempted to overlook the Knights as an easy first round match because they came into the playoffs as an at-large bid.  This team is one to be reckoned with; a fact that the Regents learned first hand.  Ultimately, St. Lucy's won the contest in straight sets, but not without surviving a serious scare first.  Regents took the match 26-24, 25-14 and 25-18.  

The Regents won the coin flip and elected to serve.  Sophomore star Zana Muno made the Regents pay immediately, smashing the first two points with authority, and putting St. Lucy's on notice that the Knights came to play.  The teams traded points to an 8-8 tie, before Zana Muno went on a serving run.  The Regents called time out trailing 8-12, but were not successful in side-tracking Muno.  The Knights were leading 14-9 when Muno gave up the serve.  St. Lucy's was not doing itself any favors, giving up 4 service errors and falling behind 11-18.  After the Regents' second time out, Roni LaPierre's serving run cut the Notre Dame lead to just two, 16-18, and seemed to reenergize the Regents.  With the momentum shift, the Lady Regents found their stride and worked to a 23-23 tie.  Marissa Hageman's well timed block gave the Regents game point leading 25-24, and a hitting error by the Knights gave St. Lucy's an unlikely victory in set one.

Set two was all Regents.  At first it looked as if the service errors were going to continue for the Regents, but Sydney Bast came in and served up an ace and a whole lot of momentum.  Notre Dame called time out trailing 3-9.  The Regents opened the door to the Knights with rotation violations and unforced errors, but Notre Dame couldn't find a way through.  Juliet McClure ended set two for the Regents, 25-14, with an unexpected dump.

Sydney Bast got the Regents going again in set three with an ace serve and the Regents got out to a 7-2 lead by the time Notre Dame sided out Bast's serve.  Zana Muno was effective again in this set, literally bouncing balls off of the Regent defenders, but Notre Dame couldn't make a dent in the Regents lead.  The teams had a few incredible rallies in the closing points of the set, but Lucy's consistency and team play won the night.  Regents won set three 25-18.

The Regents stat leaders were Arden Davis with 25 digs and 1 ace, Sydney Bast with 13 digs and 2 aces, Roni LaPierre with 12 kills and 1 ace, Vanessa Caustrita with 11 kills and Loryn Carter and Marissa Hagemen, each with 6 kills and 2 blocks.  The Regents will face Westlake on Thursday, November 8, location to be determined.

Sadly, the other Sierra League teams did not fare as well this evening.  Ayala fell in 4 sets to Canyon, Claremont fell in 3 to Redlands East Valley, and Chino Hills gave Laguna Beach a fight, but ultimately lost in 5.

Monday, November 5, 2012

CIF Playoffs are here! Let the Games Begin...

CIF Division 1A playoffs begin tonight with a wildcard match between Bishop Amat and Notre Dame Sherman Oaks.  St. Lucy's will get the winner in tomorrow's opening round match at 7:00 pm at the St. Lucy's Gym.  Come out and support the team.  (Volleyball Now did a nice preview of the bracket.  Check it out at

Bottom line:  The Regents will have their work cut out for them to advance in the playoffs.  Even their first round game is potentially against a quality team that has been in the top 10 for most of the year.  Let's hope that the Regent calm persists!  See you at the game.