Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hills/Huskies Round One goes to the Regents

COVINA, CA- It's the week of the Hills and the Huskies for the Regents as they took on the South Hills Huskies today, and will face the Chino Hills Huskies on Thursday.  They took care of business today, winning in straight sets 25-11. 25-22, 25-15, but their performance was far from flawless.  It's going to take a lot more to get past Hills Huskies II.

Set one was a bit lackluster on St. Lucy's part, with the Regents trading points to a 9 point tie.  Then they flipped the switch.  Juliet McClure dumped one, then Roni LaPierre crushed an overpass, then Natalie Caro put a quick middle set down, then LaPierre rolled a nifty left hander, followed by a cute tip to the corner by Caro.  Just like that, the lead was 14-9 and South Hills was talking things over at the bench.  St. Lucy's took the Huskies to school for the rest of the set, outscoring them 11-2 down the stretch.  25-11 Regents.

If set one was lackluster, there are no words for set two.  The Regents jumped out to a 6-0 lead; then went away.  The Huskies chipped away until they took the lead 9-7.  St. Lucy's time out talk did not improve their lot.  They continued to watch balls drop in for aces, double hit free balls, and hit into the block.  But, they still managed to flip the switch when they had to- knotting the score at 19 on a McClure dump.  They finally finished the set 25-22.

Volleyball is a simple game:  serve tough, get the other team out of system, pass, set and kill.  Set three had streaks of solid Regent volleyball in the most simple form.  The Regents found themselves up 7-2 on strong serves and even stronger right side finishes by Loryn Carter.  Despite a lull in the middle of set, St. Lucy's maintained a greater than five point lead throughout.  Julianna Rohrer contributed to the finish with a strong 5 serve run, including an ace, and newcomer Franchessca D'Aquila put a kill in the books.  Set 3 went to the Regents 25-15.

Stat leaders for the evening were Roni LaPierre (15 kills, 12 digs, 3 aces), Sydney Bast (13 kills, 12 digs), Loryn Carter (11 kills), Sarah Bruchet (11 digs) and Juliet McClure (35 assists, 12 digs, 3 aces.)  Join the Regents on Thursday, October 17th as they battle Chino Hills Huskies in their annual Dig Pink Rally match.  Festivities start at 3:30, and don't forget to wear your pink!

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