Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Regents Take Care of the Wolfpack in 4

CLAREMONT-  So this posting is a day late and a many dollars short, and it may well be my last post on this site if I cannot solve the technical problem I encountered the other day.  Don't fret though, if this site cannot be repaired, I will simply start anew.  My revised blog, if it comes to fruition, will concede that others are not as interested as I am in posting about their teams and will be a blog dedicated to St. Lucy's Volleyball.  Look for in the future if you cannot find any updates here.

Enough about me.  On Tuesday, the Regents had to face a fired-up Claremont team in a den of hostile wolf fans.  Despite error ridden starts to just about every set, the Regents persevered and found a way to win in four, 25-18, 25-22, 23-25, 25-17.

Set one began with a Regent serve into the net and a lot of errors.  St. Lucy's was behind 7-9 when setter Juliet McClure dumped one for a winner and sparked a five point run for the Regents.  The Regents were able to maintain that space for the remainder of the set.  Dianna Rohrer blocked a Claremont tip attempt to the floor to give the Regents the ball leading 22-18.  McClure took control and finished off set one with some tough serving.  Regents took set one 25-18.

Set two also began with a Regent serve into the net, in fact the first three Regent serves were into the net.  Loryn Carter kept the Regents close though as she smashed one cross court and tooled the block on another to establish her presence.  The score was tied at sixes, sevens and eights before St. Lucy's started squeaking out a lead.   Trailing 9-12, Claremont called a time out.  The Regents appeared to be cruising through set two, maintaining a three to four point lead most of the way and stretching it to 20-14 following two impressive kills by Roni LaPierre and an ace serve by Eryn Young.  Claremont came out of a timeout on fire and cut the lead to three, forcing a Lucy's time out.  In the end, it was not enough, Regents won 25-22.

Ironically, set three started out positively for the Regents with Dianna Rohrer serving up a couple aces and Arden Davis, Eryn Young and Sydney Bast digging up balls that Ariana Holmes was murdering.  Claremont took a time out with a 10-15 deficit to try to figure out how to get the rocket shots to actually hit the floor.  Carolyn Bird helped the Wolfpack's effort with two ace serves that cut the lead to one, 14-15.  A back row attack by Roni LaPierre and two kills by Loryn Carter regained the Regent's breathing room for a 19-15 lead.  But Ariana Holmes was not ready to quit.  Holmes smoked a deep shot off of Arden Davis' arm to get the ball back to the Wolves and give them much needed hope.  Holmes' spark quickly grew to a Claremont blaze and the Pack fought their way to a 25-23 win behind smart hitting by Holmes and Madison Shapiro.

Set four belonged to the Regents from the start.  Lucy's got out to a 7-2 lead.  Holmes continued to crush the ball and keep the Wolves in the hunt but a well-timed slide kill by Marissa Hageman and some tenacious play at the net by Vanessa Caustrita kept the Pack at bay.  Claremont took a timeout trailing 19-11 and then made a good push to close the gap, but Lucy's was too strong.  The Regents took set four 25-17.

The Regent stat leaders were Roni LaPierre with 16 kills and 10 digs, Loryn Carter with 12 kills and 1 block, Vanessa Caustrita with 8 kills and 1 block, Dianna Rohrer with 5 kills and 3 blocks, Arden Davis with 19 digs, Eryn Young with 2 aces and 16 digs and Juliet McClure with 39 assists and 8 digs.  Next up:  South Hills.

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