Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day Two at Durango Proves To Be Too Much For The Regents

LAS VEGAS-  Suffice it to say that it was not St. Lucy's day.  I will spare you the gorey details, but the problems can be summed up like this:  tougher competition than they've ever seen, atypical sluggishness, uncharacteristically poor ball control and unusually high errors.  The result:  the Regents went 0 and 8 in Day Two of the Durango Classic.  The Regents lost in straight sets to Horizon (Scottsdale Arizona) 22-25 and 19-25; Liberty (Bakersfield) 19-25 and 19-25; Notre Dame Academy (Park Hills Kentucky) 24-26 and 21-25; and Long Beach Poly 22-25 and 12-25.  On the bright side, St. Lucy's finished a program best 16th in a field of 48 extremely strong teams, had many moments of brilliant play and knocked off Xavier (number 18 in the Nation) to get to the championship round.

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