Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ayala Starts The Season Strong!

CHINO HILLS-  Ayala defeated Glendora in 5 on August 30th in a nail biting match.  After losing the first set 27-25, Ayala bounced back and took set two 25-19.  Glendora, struck again, taking set three 25-20.  Ayala returned the favor, easily defeating the Tartans in set four 25-17.  Both teams battled in set five, with Ayala coming out victorious, defeating Glendora 17-15.

UPLAND-  Ayala traveled to Upland to face the Highlanders on September 4th. The Bulldogs came out strong and won the first set 25-19. Upland regrouped and came back to win set two 25-16. Ayala easily won the next two sets 25-14, 25-14. Ayala will face Corona Santiago at home next Tuesday at 5:30.

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  1. Any results from tonight's match St Lu vs Los Oso