Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Regents Find a Way

The Regents opened their preseason schedule on the road at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy after just three days of practice.  FSHA was ready for the challenge and came out hot, taking it to St. Lucy's in the opening game; Flintridge won it 25-19 after overcoming a sizable deficit.  St. Lucy's regrouped and took the second game handily, 25-15.  It was FSHA's turn in game 3, as they came out ahead 25-21.  Trailing 2 games to 1, St. Lucy's righted the ship and controlled the 4th, ultimately winning 25-16.  The 5th game was where the Regents showed their grit.  It began with a back and forth tussle to 6-6.  FSHA went on a run with good serving and solid defense, forcing many St. Lucy errors, and stretching their lead to 13-7.  Natalie Caro stepped up to serve and went on a run of her own.  The Regents scratched and clawed their way back in, Caro serving to tie it up at 13.  Instead, the Regents sided out and FSHA found itself serving for the match at 14-12.  St. Lucy's kept fighting, with clutch play on the pins from Loryn Carter and Roni LaPierre.  Tied at 14.  Tied at 15.  Tied at 16.  Tied at 17.  Finally, the Regents take it, 19-17 and log their first victory of the season.

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